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Below are just some of the ecover styles that are included in this ebook.

#1 - Box Bundle Covers
#2 - CD Covers
#3 - Double Book Covers

#4 - eBook Covers 1

#5 - eBook Covers 2

#6 - eBook Covers 3

#7 - eBook Covers 4

#8 - eBook Covers 5

#9 - Magazine Covers 1

#10 - Magazine Covers 2

#11 - Member Card Covers 1

#12 - Member Card Covers 2

#13 - Software Box Covers 1

#14 - Software Box Covers 2

#15 - Software Box Covers 3

#16 - Software Box Covers 4

#17 - Spiral Covers

#18 - Thin eBook Covers
In the free updates there are even MORE styles then this!

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Please note;
The ecovers in the ebook are .jpg files, standard graphic file extensions. This way you can edit them in any graphic program. Most of the ecovers have a white background, and look best on white backgrounds. The samples above are just samples. In total (ebook and updates) there are 100+ ecovers, with at least 3 different ecovers in each style. Once you download them, you can edit them and re-size them to fit your needs.

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